Chongamix #5 – 30 Reggae Hits Inna Deejay Stylee

Pour tous les lecteurs de ce blog, un cadeau de Noël un peu avant l’heure avec la livraison de la cinquième partie des Chongamix. A l’honneur cette fois, le « deejay style » avec une sélection rough and tough de 30 titres soigneusement triés parmi mes archives : les têtes d’affiche (Daddy U Roy, Scotty, Trinity, Dillinger, Yellowman,…) y côtoyent les jeunes loups(Jah Batta & Skatee, Captain Sinbad, Rapper Robert & Jim Brown, Joseph Cotton,..) dans un clash sans temps mort, sur les riddims les plus célèbres et des versions souvent inédites.

Le mix est téléchargeable en cliquant ICI.

Bonne écoute à tous !


01 – Intro – MICKEY DREAD – Dread At The Controls
02 – LONE RANGER – Barnabas In Collins Wood
03 – CAPTAIN SINBAD – Sinbad & The Eye Of The Tiger
04 – LEEROY SIBBLES – Total Destruction
05 – U ROY – Ital Vital
06 – MIGHTY DIAMONDS – Why Me Black Brother Why ?
07 – THE CRYSTALLITES – Slippery
08 – SCOTTY – I Worry
09 – TRINITY – Song Of The Midnight Hour
10 – TRISTON PALMER – Fussing & Fighting
11 – JAH BATTA & SKATEE – Style & Fashion
12 – PETER RANKING & GENERAL LUCKY – Jah Standing Over Me
13 – CLINT EASTWOOD – Roots Rock Reggae
14 – PRINCE JAZZBO – Rock For Dub
15 – RAPPER ROBERT & JIM BROWN – Minister For Ganja
16 – YELLOWMAN – Lost Mi Love
17 – RANKING JOE – Wood For My Fire
18 – JUNIOR ROSS – Freedoom Fe Natty (Feat. Tappa Zukie)
19 – DILLINGER – Fernando Sancho
21 – WALLY & SNUFFY – Dreader Mafia
22 – BIG YOUTH – Opportunity Rock
23 – JOHNNY OSBOURNE – Ice Cream Love
24 – DILLINGER – Ragnampiza
25 – TRINITY – What A Windy Day
26 – Dr. ALIMANTADO – Poison Flour
27 – DENNIS ALCAPONE – Spanish Amigo
28 – JOSEPH COTTON – Wicked Running
29 – JAH BATTA – DJ Version
30 – MICHIGAN & SMILEY – Eye Of Danger

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  1. I wish with all my might that I could speak french… This is the best music site I have ever heard. The Chongamixes are fantastical. I am a painter and they take me to a very creative place every time i log onto your site. I love the music selection. I have very discriminating musical taste and whoever chose the songs for the chonga mixes is my twin spirit in music. I wish I could purchase each of the mixes. I want to play them in my truck on my home stereo at a friends house, just everywhere. They are some very good mixes. Thank you so much to whoever created this site. I am from Arkansas, in the u.s.a. Please respond if possible in english. thank you so much….. my art can be seen at ( ) take care and keep jamming…

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